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Drivers License Drivers License Drivers License
  • Driver's licenses, non-driver photo IDs and commercial driver's license and permits (CDLs)

  • Necessary duplicates, renewals or corrections

  • Restoration of driving privileges from suspension

  • Driver's license upgrades

  • Learning permit renewals

  • Driving records and abstracts

Helpful Driver's License and Auto Tag Services

When it comes to driver's licenses and vehicle registration services, Parks Instant Auto Tags has you covered. We can provide you with driver and non-driver photo IDs, auto tags and registration for all types of vehicles and out-of-state vehicle transfer services.

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20 years of experience!


  • 20 years of experience

  • Family-owned business

  • Wide range of available services

For a complete list of everything you will need and where to go to obtain your driver's license or non-driver photo ID, click here. As your local PennDOT service center, we can help you with all of your vehicle registration and driver's license needs, under one roof.


We also provide additional helpful services, including notary public services and out-of-state vehicle transfer options. Visit our location at 3221 Edgemont Ave. in Brookhaven, PA and let us assist you!

Also, if we are unable to provide you with your vehicle registration or driver's licensing credentials immediately, they can be expected in approximately 1-2 business days. Parks Instant Auto Tags is a private entity contracted by the PA Department of Transportation which is what allows us to provide such a wide range of necessary driver's license and vehicle services.